15 – PIA Fellows, Summer 2022 (including 2 out-of-state) – paid positions in legal aid organizations. 5 – Most Challenging Public Service Scholarships, Summer 2022 – Paid Public Service Jobs. 3 – 2022 Sprouse Scholarships – paid positions in the offices of public defenders. 6 – Student internships in government and public interest agencies, summer 2022. No, it is not. The decision to engage outside counsel rests solely with the Office of the General Counsel. Administrators, faculty, staff and students may not employ outside counsel to represent or provide legal services to the University. In addition, university members should not communicate with outside counsel about academic matters without first consulting the Office of the General Counsel. All communications from outside counsel must be immediately forwarded to the Office of the General Counsel. LITC provides free legal representation in federal tax matters to resolve a tax dispute with the Internal Revenue Service.

SLS is committed to protecting the legal rights and interests of the student body. The Office of the General Counsel provides the University with a wide range of legal services in a variety of areas, including but not limited to: commercial transactions, litigation, real estate, employment, immigration, corporate governance, student matters, legal and regulatory compliance, healthcare, copyright, and intellectual property. Where appropriate, the Office of the Legal Counsel also retains external counsel for certain matters requiring specialized expertise. Students should contact our office at 304-293-4897 or email us at sls@mail.wvu.edu to schedule a consultation. After determining your suitability, we will schedule an appointment with a lawyer or trainee lawyer as soon as possible. Legal advice is not provided over the phone. Campus life brings with it many situations that can raise legal issues – underage drinking, marijuana possession and other crimes. The West Virginia Law Institute was founded in 1988 and has strived to fulfill its legal mandate to promote and promote the clarification and simplification of West Virginia law. As a government organization whose members are leading lawyers, judges and jurists, the Institute`s work has outlined initiatives to reform important laws such as the Intestate Succession Project, the Tax Offenders` Property Project, the Uniform Adoption Act, the Business Corporations Act and the Not-for-Profit Corporations Act. Such situations can be overwhelming for a student. While we cannot represent students in criminal matters, we can provide helpful advice in these cases.

Students may need legal help in a variety of ways. Some students may need help dealing with a bad landlord, while some students may need help with an insurance claim. Only the Office of the General Counsel, the Special Assistant to the Board of Governors, or the Deputy Secretary of the Board of Governors of WVU should accept service of legal proceedings (such as a subpoena or complaint) on behalf of the University. If a process server attempts to deliver documents to you for the university, you should politely decline and refer them to the General Counsel`s Office. SLS is committed to providing West Virginia University students with the best legal services possible. To ensure we provide the best service, we ask our clients to complete a customer satisfaction survey once their file is closed. This survey gives us insight into our customers` needs and general agreement with the services we provide. The Veterans Advocacy Legal Clinic provides qualified veterans with legal services in the areas of family law (including protection from violence, custody, support, divorce and adoption), estate planning, property issues and consumer debt relief. This is the first initiative of its kind in the country between a law school and a VA hospital. Students provide more than 40,000 hours of free legal assistance per year through our clinics under faculty supervision.

These efforts recently helped WVU Law earn the #2 spot on the National Jurist Honor School Honor List with the greatest impact on the community. The Centre for Law and Public Service provides students with the opportunity to engage in public interest law, fosters dialogue about current legal services and policy issues, and encourages students to become leaders in seeking creative solutions to achieve equal access to justice in society. Legal advice is another service of our law firm. We encourage students to make an appointment so we can help them with their questions or concerns. This can help them learn about their legal rights and obligations and reduce the stress that an unanswered legal question could cause. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Law Clinic offers students the opportunity to provide legal services to start-ups, small businesses, not-for-profit organizations and individuals. The clinic works with clients by advising them on a product plan or commercial organization; Admission; agreements with employees and contractors; intellectual property; financing and venture capital; planning and negotiation; Disputes; and general support for business start-up, planning and strategy. WVU Law`s award-winning clinical law program, established in 1976, helps students develop practical skills while providing essential legal services to clients in need. Students who are currently enrolled in WVU and have paid their tuition fees are eligible to use WVU Student Legal Services (SLS). No additional fees are charged for the legal services provided. However, students are responsible for paying court fees and court fees if their case is pursued in court.

The mission of West Virginia University`s Student Legal Services is to provide advice, guidance, education, and advocacy to students to help them solve legal problems and to encourage and support student learning development. SLS is committed to protecting the legal rights and interests of the student body by providing free high-quality legal and mediation services to undergraduate and graduate students, individually and collectively, as well as student governments and student organizations. The medical-legal partnership works in cooperation with WVU Medicine Children`s and WVU Medicine Chestnut Ridge Center. During visits, clinicians identify potential legal problems, such as lack of health insurance, inadequate housing, unemployment, or detention. If a legal issue is identified, families have the opportunity to consult with WVU law students. SLS is available to educate students about their legal rights, responsibilities and obligations. We provide services to all students with legal problems, including but not limited to the following areas of law: leases, contracts, landlord/tenant matters, consumer matters, notarial services, insurance matters, wills and powers of attorney, debt collection, criminal record expungement, employment complaints, family law and domestic affairs, and general civil affairs. If you have been contacted by a lawyer about a non-university matter or a personal matter, you should consult your personal legal counsel.