Yerba mate is drunk through a metal straw known as bombilla. This straw has a filter at the bottom that separates the mate infusion from the leaves and stems. Bombillas can be made from a variety of materials, although stainless steel is the most popular in modern society. Want to try yerba mate yourself but live in the United States? Visit Mike`s Matero online store to learn everything you need to get started. When someone offers you their partner, it`s a sign of respect, and there`s a permanent label for sharing partners. This is not only an opportunity to learn more about Argentine society, but also about the person who offers to share. There is a kind of ritual sharing that can give even a tourist the feeling of belonging. If someone offers to share their partner, enjoy it and drink everything before giving them back. Don`t hurry; Drink at your own pace. The Yerba Mate sharing circle always earns a few raised eyebrows from some travelers. After all, you all share the same straw, as if you were unhygienic! First of all, never tell this to a local.

Sharing bombilla is a sign of respect and you should never address hygiene. Secondly (and obviously), if you feel sick, you should politely decline to be included in the sharing circle. Making everyone sick in the group is not a good way to make friends! In South America, mate is a sociable drink. You can drink it alone, of course, but it is very common to drink it with friends or family. Usually, the person preparing the partner also serves it to the rest of the group and keeps the roll as long as the group drinks mate. This person is the cebador, and he will drink the first officer. This, although it may seem rude, is actually a courtesy since the first officer is extremely bitter. In a large group, the partner goes around, but only one person is responsible for it.

The person who makes the partner is called a cebador. When the partner is ready, the cebador takes the first portion and fills the pumpkin. Then the cebador hands the pumpkin to the next person and waits while the person drinks and hands over the empty pumpkin. In a sufficiently large group, two pumpkins can circulate, but the process is the same: take, drink, flip. It`s a bit counterintuitive for all of us English speakers who say no to decline. In mate crops, you always thank the cebador when you finish drinking the mate. It`s less intrusive than interrupting the entire conversation to announce that you don`t want more. If you want to continue enjoying the drink, return the pumpkin and stay silent. This means that you will receive another cast. The cebador will always pass the matte cup clockwise.

Since the first pouring of the drink is the loudest, try to sit on the left side of the waiter if you prefer a stronger flavor. This means that the partner comes to you sooner than if you sit on your right side. The partner should always be passed with the right hand, because passing with the left hand shows a lack of respect for the person receiving the drink. While this is especially true for the cebador, the rule applies to everyone in the circle. While mate is often taken out of a thermos on the go, the traditional way to drink it is from a special cup called a pumpkin. While Argentine culture is very European in many ways (love for coffee, ice cream, and pizza as a starter), eating mate (pronounced mah-tay) is uniquely South American. Around the 1650s, Jesuits domesticated the plant and organized plantations in Misiones, Argentina. A trade war with Paraguayan hunters began, resulting in the expulsion of the Jesuits in the 1770s.

They took their domestication secrets with them and their land fell into disrepair. When Paraguay stopped harvesting mate after the War of the Triple Alliance in the 1860s, Brazil regained its place as the leading producer of mate. Mate is believed to have originated in southern Brazil, where it was traditionally consumed by the indigenous population. Following Spanish colonization, mate spread to Paraguay in the late 1500s before reaching Argentina about a hundred years later. At that time, mate became the most important raw material in Paraguay. Yerba mate contains a number of different nutrients and antioxidants, including xanthines (stimulant compounds such as caffeine), saponins (compounds with anti-inflammatory properties), polyphenols (a large group of antioxidants), and caffeine derivatives (health-promoting antioxidants). Mate (pronounced mah-tay) is a must, but few people know that this drink is rich in tradition and has a long history. This means that you don`t just drink mate. There is a lot of etiquette around eating mate and you need to know the rules if you want to avoid ruining everything.

Read on to learn everything you need to know to become everyone`s best friend! Although it is best known as Argentina`s national drink, travelers to Uruguay and Paraguay will also be familiar with this delicious drink. In fact, it is almost impossible to visit any of these countries and leave behind a virgin partner! Well, it was extremely informative. Thank you very much. I wish I had found this article when we were in Buenos Aires. We saw the maté cups in a market, but we didn`t dare to buy one. I wish you a pleasant journey. Cheers! In South America, yerba mate is much more than just a drink. It is a social and cultural tradition that brings families and friends together. Being offered a partner is a sign of respect and, in many cases, a great way to make new friends along the way. Disclaimer: The South America Backpacker team is not a doctor or nutritionist. While this article has been extensively researched, it is important to realize that the following health claims are only claims. Much more research is needed on the effects of yerba mate consumption before these claims can be 100% proven.

Once the mate round is set up, with defined tricks for drinking, it is rude to change places because it disorganizes the curves. So, sit back and stay wherever you are and wait your turn to drink. Yerba mate has several benefits and also creates a sense of community and brings people together. So enjoy tea, connect with people and create a community. It may seem like a lot of rules to follow when you`re invited to the Yerba Mate circle, but don`t worry, just think about these few things. Do not get dirty and do not participate when you are sick If you drink mate according to the traditional method, it is better not to touch the bombille with your toe; Use only your lips while you pull the infusion. And if you are sick, politely refuse to participate in the circle. After the first officer, the cebador will hand the partner over to the person on his right or to the person closest to him. And then it will spread further and keep the original order. The bomb should not be moved or used to stir the partner, as this can change the taste.

If you are nervous, go last and observe the etiquette of other people in the circle. Do not worry. Their yerba mate community is loving and enthusiastic about sharing, so they will teach you too.