Article 33 Legal persons shall be domiciled in the place where their administration is established. “Although the accreditation of the domicile in the CCC enjoys a conclusive scope, it is accredited in the automobile legal system only with consultation in the RENAPER, this in accordance with the provisions of the Law REGISTER OF CIVIL STATUS AND LEGAL CAPACITY OF PERSONS No. 26.413, which establishes: witness statements, copies, certificates, family notebooks or other documents issued by the General Directorate and / or its dependencies and the In their books or in the copies referred to in Article 5, which bear the signature of the official and the seal of the respective office, they are public acts and give rise to the legal presumption of the accuracy of their content under the conditions prescribed by the Civil Code. [4] 2nd civil asylum.- Art. Article 47.- “Civil residence means a certain part of the national territory”. “The above reasons lead us to conclude that the legal regulation of the automobile determines the actual place of residence in order to determine the deposit of a registered vehicle for the benefit of a human person.” It is the place of habitual residence of a person that the law establishes as the registered office or registered office of that person for the purpose of producing legal effects. place where a person is considered legally established for the performance of his obligations and the exercise of his rights. I understand that what was signed before a notary made full faith and, on the other hand, theoretically, the address registered in the DNI should correspond to the address indicated in the RENAPER, since the changes of residence in the vDNI will always coincide The paragraph refers to the unborn, people who are not of sufficient age and maturity, and the person declared incapacitated by judgment in court – with different specificities specific to each category, in accordance with Article 31 and in accordance with the CDC. Today, the first participation in 2020 refers to the actual place of residence and the legal seat in the registrations. We read it: Possibility that a person can have multiple addresses. (d) persons with disabilities shall have it at the seat of their representatives. “Therefore, the residence of persons of Argentine nationality is attested by the consultation of the register of sections as part of the service offered by RENAPER through the SURA system. [2] » 1.

Political residency.- Art. Art. 46.- “The political seat designates the territory of the State in general. Whoever has or acquires it is or becomes a member of Ecuadorian society, although he retains the quality of the foreigner. The Constitution and the effects of the political home are part of international law. Hello hello, my request concerning the DNI (address), is it mandatory to accompany a copy of the DNI, in front of the vehicle register, if the ST 08 is signed by the buyer before a notary? or should the registry be governed by what is incorporated in ST 08 and the Renaper without attaching a copy of the identity card? the spouse of the person in whom they live together, without prejudice to the right of each spouse to establish his or her place of residence in accordance with Article 29; Article 74 Legal address. The place of jurisdiction is the place where the law presupposes, without proving otherwise, that a person has his permanent residence in order to exercise his rights and fulfil his obligations. Only the law may lay down them, and without prejudice to the provisions of the special rules: (a) civil servants reside at the place where they are called upon to perform their duties, other than temporary, periodic or simple assignments; (b) Military personnel on active service reside in the place where they perform their service; (c) passers-by or persons engaged in outpatient activity, such as persons with no known place of residence, have that residence instead of their current place of residence; (d) persons with disabilities must have them at the seat of their representatives.