Franklin Pierce Law Center emphasizes customized legal programs and a wide range of learning environments. Pierce Law fosters a community spirit of care and compassion and a close working relationship between students and faculty. It is one of the smallest private law schools in the United States. Pierce Law is the only law school in New Hampshire. Pierce Law has gained worldwide recognition for its programs in the field of international intellectual property studies. It is accredited by the ABA. Of course, choosing the right school can be difficult. With nearly 250 schools in the United States, where do you start looking? Well, if you`re in New Hampshire, start with this article. If not, check your state in our line of the best law schools in each state.

The Franklin Pierce School of Law Online Housing Marketplace at the University of New Hampshire is an exclusive list of rentals provided to students who have been admitted to UNH Law or who are currently undergraduates. Rental quotes are submitted to the Housing Coordinator by landlords and property owners/managers who often rent to our students. This information is compiled by us and is generally not publicly available. To ensure that these offers are for students only, you must create a user account the first time you use the Service and be approved by the UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law Housing Coordinator. Once your account is approved, you can log in as a student/tenant and browse listings. The American Bar Association has a three-year certification process that law schools can choose from. Meanwhile, the ABA assesses the level of education. The American Bar Association also offers standardized education throughout the country.

Senior: I am a student who has been attending this school since 2013 (part-time course to work on a program I am now starting this fall.) What I love about NHTI is that it`s affordable and close to home. If I went to university, I wouldn`t be able to work like I do now. I also like the fact that faculty and other staff are easy to reach if I have questions or concerns. I feel like there is a stigma around community colleges. Some may think that community college is for those who didn`t do well in high school. Many students also want to attend party schools, because “that`s what university is.” I am proud to be a student of this school because it focuses on education; Not only that, but a great education that won`t let me drown in debt after graduation. Read 465 reviews We have narrowed the scope to ABA accredited schools only. UNH Law students can extend their intellectual lives beyond the classroom by engaging with academic and professional organizations, including the American Constitution Society, the Federalist Society, and the Student Intellectual Property Law Association (SIPLA).

The advocacy teams compete with top writers and lecturers from other law schools across the country. Junior: The best thing about FPU is definitely the community. Everyone on campus is welcoming, loving and kind. The support and positivity that runs across the campus is second to none. Another great aspect is the classroom. Class sizes are relatively small, allowing students to establish a professional relationship with their professors. All teachers care about the well-being of their students and are deeply invested in quality education. Food on campus may not be the selling point, but the people who make and serve it certainly are! Many of our employees also connect with students, such as canteen staff. Some of them even go so far as to attend sporting events to cheer on students or have lunch with them at our local restaurant. The dorm is better than the food, but not as good as some public schools I`ve seen. Although you are moving forward every year, your housing will be improved.

Therefore, the final year is definitely the best on campus. In the end, I will definitely be sad when I leave. Read 539 reviews The Franklin Pierce School of Law at the University of New Hampshire publishes two law journals through which students can gain experience in all aspects of publishing an academic law journal – UNH Law Review and IDEA: The Journal of the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property. Junior: What made me want to go to Mercy College was where it was. Surrounded by the river and quiet. You can find a place where you can study quietly and enjoy the time. The orientation care program made me realize that I wanted to be there. The group of students chats, the tutors at the library helping me when I have difficulties in a course, and I look forward to the simulation in the labs for the pediatrics and maternity semester. I`m fascinated and can`t wait to get back on campus. I love the dorms and the fact that they overlook the river and I have easy access to the computer room in Hudson Hall to print my work instead of going all the way to the library. Group discussions, which are extremely helpful for our classes to see how difficult grooming can be, have also opened the doors to great friendships. So far, I love it at Mercy College Dobbs Ferry and can`t wait to graduate and get my license as a BSN in Nursing! Read 1,291 reviews Practice-based learning is fundamental to UNH legal education.

We have a faculty of high-level IP professors with extensive practical experience who prepare students for real-life situations. Our IP faculty are also known for their science and research and are true mentors who teach courses designed to encourage engagement. Our comfortable relationship between students and faculty fosters campus-wide collaboration. The information on this page was provided by the Faculty of Law. Overall, this is a great school. It ranks among the top hundred in the country. The campus is beautiful and the atmosphere is one where teamwork is appreciated. The fees are reasonable and the school offers several financial aid programs.

The Franklin Pierce School of Law at the University of New Hampshire offers LLM, master`s and degree programs for lawyers and non-lawyers in three specialized areas of law: intellectual property, business and technology, and international criminal law and justice. preLaw Magazine awarded UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law an A+ in the Spring 2022 issue UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law offers three different LLM programs: Jo Edgeland on Early Public Service Career The quality of education is very high. You`ll have to decide whether you prefer the more relaxed atmosphere of a small campus or the bustling excitement of a larger campus. Featured review: Junior says The best thing about FPU is definitely the community. Everyone on campus is welcoming, loving and kind. The support and positivity that runs across the campus is second to none. Another great aspect. Featured review: Freshman says Bucks County Community College is an incredibly accommodating and safe school. I am very happy to attend for my associate degree, as the professors do their best to teach and revise. Freshman: Bucks County Community College is an incredibly welcoming and safe school. I am very happy to take my associate degree as professors do their best to teach and review difficult concepts as often as possible, as well as providing office hours for students and forming study groups.

Online lessons are highly organized and explained in detail, and teachers respond to emails within 24 hours. The campus and the interior of the buildings is very clean and organized, there is a place to relax before class and everyone is calm and respectful of their surroundings. There is a fully equipped gym and space for yoga and the cafeteria is again, very clean and always fresh with plenty of options for those who may have dietary restrictions. I see people from all cultural and religious backgrounds on campus and no one is ever rude or critical of others, which makes me very happy and safe. Read 498 reviews Beyond the “four walls” of physical space, there are a variety of licensed database services that serve scientific and academic research. The Office of the Intellectual Property Librarian has access to all major providers of IP information for educational and educational purposes. The Franklin Pierce Center for IP has access to many of these services on campus and at home. Freshman: So far so good, the staff will help you along the way and it`s a very nice environment. You receive emails about campus activities and your professors are always there if you have any questions, I recommend this college to anyone in the area. Read 88 reviews Featured review: Junior says What made me want to go to Mercy College is where it was.