In addition, all participants in the marriage must comply with the applicable requirements of the vaccination certificate instruction, unless the number of participants does not exceed the presence legally required for the marriage (i.e. registrar, parties wishing to marry and 2 witnesses) in accordance with the Marriage Ordinance (chap. 181) if no food or drink is served. Following the government`s announcement that “Code Red” and “Code Orange” will be included in the vaccination record, people holding “Code Red” will not be allowed to attend the wedding ceremony. For the holder of the “Amber Code”, he may participate in a marriage ceremony in which the number of participants does not exceed the presence legally required for the marriage according to the marriage decree (chap. 181), during which no food or drink is served. On the date on which the termination occurs, the party making the termination will be ordered according to the priority number indicated in order to select the exact time slot that may then be available for the wedding. Under Hong Kong law, if, at the time of the intended marriage, a party is under 21 years of age but not less than 16 years of age and is neither a widow nor a widower, the written consent of the person or persons concerned referred to in the Third Schedule to the Marriage Ordinance must be presented to the registrar upon notification. The Consent Granting Form (Form MR4) may be downloaded from the Immigration Branch website or obtained from a marriage registry (other than the City Hall Marriage Registry and the Cotton Tree Drive Marriage Registry) or through a civil marriage officiant. If the person giving consent is not located in Hong Kong, the completed MR4 form must be certified by a notary. Please refer to the drop-down menu at the top of the page for more information on registering a marriage, including notification on the prescribed form of places outside Hong Kong, solemnization of a marriage in various locations, and re-registration of marriage that took place in Hong Kong before October 7, 1971.

The termination form duly completed with the signature of the parties wishing to marry must be certified by a notary of the country in which they live. The certified notice, the completed information sheet with supporting documents and the bank transfer of the prescribed fee payment must be sent to the Registration and Marriage Certificate Office by registered air or through their contact person in Hong Kong or a civil marriage officiant. Part I of the notice will be issued for at least 15 days in the Marriage Registry (excluding the Cotton Tree Drive Marriage Registry and the City Hall Marriage Registry) and the Registry and Marriage Records Office. In general, we recommend that our couples start preparations about 3 to 4 months before the wedding day if possible. Indeed, it will take some time to gather all the necessary documents for the submission of the application and, most importantly, the marriage office will process the marriage proposal on a first-come, first-served basis. It will be beneficial for you to start early, and there is a better chance of getting a spot on your wedding as well. If you want to get married in less time, it is very important to properly prepare all the required documents so that they can get a passport in one go, as Hong Kong marriage authorities have their own standards for accepting applications. Getting the right documents for your application also makes you feel lighter in the process, so you don`t have to go back and forth to save your costs and time. So it`s a good idea to plan your application plan ahead of time to avoid stress! (a) both spouses are 21 years of age at the time of marriage. have reached the age of life; and you should both go to the Registration and Marriage Certificate Office during office hours upon arrival in Hong Kong or meet with your civil officiant and bring your travel documents and originals of documents you have previously submitted.

The party giving notice of termination must make an affidavit before the registrar or civil officiant stating that there is no obstacle to kinship or other lawful obstacle to marriage. The civil officiant should be given sufficient time to submit the affidavit to the registrar for the issuance of the registrar`s certificate for marriages. Please note that no marriage can be celebrated in an authorized place of worship or by a civil officiant without a certificate of civil status of marriages. Once the application documents are complete, you can get ready to book your flight and hotel! Generally, you only need to arrive in Hong Kong a few days before your wedding day to fill out certain paperwork at the wedding office. Then you`re ready for the big day! (As shown in the example above, the date is not given at the earliest on the first working day [Monday to Saturday, excluding holidays] in the 3-month period preceding the date of marriage.) Within 15 days of the presentation of the notification, the civil registrar issues the certificate of the registrar of marriages. This is very important because no marriage can also be celebrated in a licensed place of worship without presenting this proof. In the absence of evidence to the contrary, the sex of the spouse as indicated on an identity document (i.e. a valid identity card or travel document within the meaning of § 2 § 1 of the Immigration Ordinance (chap.

115) of the party at the time of marriage, presumed by the marriage registrar to be the sex of the party. We are very grateful to Jane and the teams at START Hong Kong Marriage for their expertise, help and kindness during our Hong Kong wedding registration process. We are very grateful to Jane and the teams at START Hong Kong Marriage for their expertise, help and kindness during our Hong Kong wedding registration process.Thank you for doing everything as you promised! read less A big thank you to Jane and her team for organizing our wedding. Jane was very helpful throughout the process, and she was. read moreA big thank you to Jane and her team for organizing our wedding. Jane was very helpful throughout the process and it was a pleasure to finally meet her on our wedding day. We couldn`t be happier with the service and we would definitely recommend Jane and her team to anyone looking to get married in Hong Kong. Read less On the day of notification to the vital statistics office, you can select the date and time of your marriage in the marriage register, subject to the availability of the marriage quota that remains in the civil registry office. [Important note: The person concerned must go to the chosen registry or marriage office to give the notice as scheduled. If it does not arrive on time, the reservation made and the priority for the selection of the wedding hall booked through the reservation system will be lost.] Yes. One of the proposed parties to the proposed marriage may notify the registrar through a civil officiant. The notification shall be signed by the notifying Party.

He must also appear in person before a civil marriage officiant and make an affidavit in accordance with section 12 of the Marriage Ordinance, chap. 181. [See Appendix to the Guidelines] According to Hong Kong law, the minimum age of marriage is 16 years (Gregorian calculation). There are no residency requirements for marriage and the parties can be of any nationality. The celebration of a wedding in Hong Kong must go through the following procedures: We like simple things. If you are looking for a place for your simple but memorable wedding, Hong Kong is definitely a suitable choice! Registering marriage in the Hong Kong Marriage Registry is known for its simplicity and wide recognition. You can read more about the reasons for registering your marriage in Hong Kong at Why should you register your marriage in Hong Kong? To apply, your passports are required. If you have ever been married, you must also provide valid documents showing that previous marriages have ended. For individuals between the ages of 16 and 21, written consent from the parent or guardian is also required. Young people under the age of 16 are not allowed to marry in Hong Kong. He must prove the dissolution of the previous marriage by means of a judgment rendered by a competent court.

Before the marriage is concluded, a certified sealed copy of the final judgment of the court must be presented to the registrar. Yes. However, the application will only be processed 3 months before the date of the intended marriage, as the marriage must be concluded within 3 months of the date of termination. For marriages that are valid under the law of the country in which they were contracted, it is not necessary to re-register them with the registrar. In addition to celebrating your marriage in a marriage registry or an authorized public place of worship, you can celebrate your marriage elsewhere in Hong Kong by a civil officiant. See the tips on hiring a civil wedding officiant, the list of named civil officiants, as well as the wedding venues provided by the Department of Recreation and Cultural Services at the links below. A marriage may be contracted by a civil marriage officiant in accordance with the Marriage Ordinance only after the issuance of the RC and within the period of validity of the RC. Note 1: In a marriage, the groom or bride is the registered entity.

If the application is approved, the applicant will be advised to appear in person to sign and retrieve the marriage certificate from the marriage registry.