Let`s face it: none of Xiaomi`s Mi Band devices have ever been the best-designed technology, but the Mi Band 4 is an improvement. It`s still one of the generic fitness trackers with its simple black stripe and indescribable body, but the improved display saves the design of the Mi Band 4 in my opinion. It is much wider than that of the Mi Band 3 and with a waterproof rating of up to 5 ATM. It can withstand pressure of up to 50 meters, rain, splashing water, diving, showering or swimming. Desperate expectation of this fitness group By the way, when it will be available Unlike some competitors, Xiaomi`s Mi Bands offer interchangeable straps. This means you can customize your Mi Band with third-party bands in different colors and materials. The Mi Band 5 and Mi Band 6 can actually share bands thanks to their similar design. Unfortunately, you won`t have the same luck with Mi Band 4 bands – the straps are not compatible with newer models. The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has a much larger screen, it has a color touch screen with screen resolution. This is a big change since the previous Mi Band has a monochrome screen. The color display is a game changer for the Mi Band, especially now that most wearable devices (smartband) have a color display. The smartband is packed with various sensors, it has a heart rate monitor, ultra-low acceleration sensor ADI.

It is accurate with an accurate sensor to track your health statistics. It is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth V5.0 and compatible with Android 4.4 and iOS 9.0. There is also a version with NFC support. Xiaomi`s next generation of Smartband is here, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. This smart bracelet has the same sporty and lightweight design similar to Xiaomi Mi Band 3. It has a capsule-shaped body, allowing a combination of TPEE and material. The smart bracelet weighs only ___ and has a TPU bracelet that is skin-friendly and durable, and is available in a variety of colors. The smartband supports call and message notifications, as well as social app notifications. It has a caller ID and you can also check messages directly on your smartband. But of course, there`s also a “Do Not Disturb” mode if you don`t want to receive notifications.

The fitness tracker case easily detaches from the silicone band when you want to swap it for another band. And don`t worry, there are already plenty of third-party Mi Band 4 groups available on Amazon. The Mi Band 4 case is also compatible with Mi Band 3 bands. Can anyone confirm the length of the Mi Band 4 screen/dial in straight mm? I have a small wrist and I want to compare with Apple Watch 40/44mm before ordering (online) The predecessor Mi Smart Band 4 also had an OLED, but now the diagonal has increased from 0.78″ to 0.95″. If you look at it from a sharp angle, you can see the actual display, which is surrounded by many plastic glasses on all sides, but this is rarely a problem in real life. The responsive button is now marked with a small white circle, but the set has not enlarged the device – the Mi Smart Band 4 fits comfortably into the elastics designed for the Mi Band 3. The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the oldest of the three groups that is still worth considering. In his review, Jimmy Westenberg praised the device for its long battery life, improved display compared to the Mi Band 3, and the addition of more fitness profiles.

However, he is arguably close to retirement age and has an outdated conception compared to his siblings. Despite its name, the Smart Band 7 Pro doesn`t quite match the company`s other Mi Band models. It dispenses with pill-shaped design in favor of clip-on strips. The user interface has also been optimized to better complement the larger screen. In reality, it is more similar to the Redmi Smart Band Pro series and the Huawei Band 7 in concept. Aesthetically, the Mi Band series is not what we would call pretty. They`re functional and available in different band colors, but the pill-shaped tracker is unlikely to trigger compliments. But that`s not necessarily a bad thing. Xiaomi uses a lot of plastic in the construction of the Mi Band, which reduces the weight to a minimum. This also ensures that the company can reach the price of less than $50 with each version, even if advanced features are added each time.

According to smartprix, it will start on October 11, 2019. Let`s see if this is true or not. I will buy it at launch. I already have with volume 2. It is still in good condition and I use it. After buying volume 4, I don`t know what to do with Mi Band 2. Maybe I`ll sell in OLX or I`ll give it to my cousin, I said it last year and I`ll say it again – Xiaomi does a great job according to the rule “If it`s not broken, don`t fix it”. They have the usual heart rate, notifications, weather, sleep tracking, and sports tracking. The group supports six different types of training: outdoor running, treadmill, cycling, hiking, exercise, and pool swimming. When I connected the bracelet to the Mi Fit app, all my settings were immediately transferred, so I didn`t have to worry about setting alarms and notifications everywhere. The application will also be redesigned, with more colors and graphics, but the most important information will remain readily available, for which Xiaomi deserves nothing but praise.

Speaking of colors and graphics, since OLED supports all colors, you can set up a custom home screen that adds a personal touch to the group. Users have also complained about battery drain, notification, and band issues. However, nothing seems too terrible to overcome with a little patience and know-how. Read our detailed guide to Mi Band problems and solutions if you need help. If you`re looking for something completely different for your Mi Band, browse a selection of third-party bands below. If you`re not a fan of the Mi Fit app, consider keeping an eye out for the Inspire HR instead. The Fitbit app is one of the best on the market and offers a refined overall experience. Also, the Inspire HR`s feature set is comparable to the Mi Band 4, so it really depends on the brand and ecosystem you want to buy from.

The fitness tracker has the ability to control Mi devices such as speakers and other Mi Home devices such as the Xiaomi bulb. There is also an option to control the music stored on your smartphone. In the NFC version, you can use your smart bracelet to swipe and pay with the Alipay feature. It also has sedentary miners, unlock phone with Mi Band, alarm and more. Fitness tracking is everything for the Xiaomi Mi Band series. However, tapes lack more intuitive and advanced features. For example, you won`t find an equivalent to Fitbit`s daily prep score or Garmin`s body battery. However, the basics are all here. As for colors, the official bands of the Mi Band 5 are available in black, blue, pink, orange, purple, yellow, green and gray.