On the other hand, exam supervisors and managers may not be satisfied and are likely to update their resume behind the scenes. It`s no wonder that managers are leaving public accounting in droves right now. You`ve had enough of this – being overworked and underpaid. And this had a ripple effect that was exacerbated during peak season, as seniors take over the workload of recently deceased managers and second-year employees take care of the workload of seniors. On the one hand, good for seniors who take advantage of the obvious desperation for senior audit at RSM`s Seattle office. When searching the RSM 2021 comp feed to r/accounting, the highest senior 1 salary from the review I could find was $78,000, and for senior 2, the highest salary was $82,000, so a base salary of just under $100,000 plus a bonus for this position is an increase. This does not take into account the mid-year salary adjustments that RSMers received a few months ago. No wonder managers and superiors are migrating in droves. Companies have hurt themselves with this gambling for people with very little experience.

Our tipster said RSM didn`t raise salaries at the Seattle office to get managers and supervisors to align with what the company would allegedly offer to senior accounting. The tipster added: Current supervisors and managers earn between $80,000 and $96,000. Compensation Watch `21: Did RSM US rain on employees this year? Compensation Watch `21: U.S. RSM employees begin disclosing mid-year salary increases Major salary increases for senior accountants moving to RSM – Seattle. Nearly $100,000 plus bonus for 2-3 years of experience. According to rumors, we hired one to two years of employees/seniors from $85k to $95k plus bonuses…. I am an audit supervisor. $92,000 with five years of experience. Does this happen in other US offices of RSM? If so, please contact us using the contact details below. All advice is kept anonymous. The $100,000 seems high because of the rumors, but what they`re throwing at seniors these days wouldn`t be a surprise. This is good news for you.

This will certainly lead to summer adjustments. RSM has a long history of dealing with level compression issues.