Emma is responsible for acting as General Counsel for Good Law Project, overseeing the litigation portfolio and managing its legal projects. The application deadline for this position has passed. About Good Law Project Good Law Project is a non-profit campaigning organization that uses law to create a better world. We oppose abuses of power. The Good Law Project is a non-profit campaigning organization that uses the law to protect the public interest. We fight the causes that defend, define or change the law, and we use litigation to engage and educate. We oppose abuse of power, exploitation, inequality and injustice. The Met Police finally admitted that they did not send questionnaires to Prime Minister Boris Johnson before deciding not to punish him for attending a meeting at No. 10 on November 13, 2020. First Revealed: Full List of VIP Testing and Tracing Companies to Prioritize In a historic victory, the Supreme Court agreed with us that the government`s strategy fails to show how to meet the UK`s legally binding carbon budgets. With over 20 years of experience managing impactful and high-profile campaigns, Vic will be responsible for engaging and mobilizing our supporters to ensure the Good Law Project has the money and power of the people to win. Vic is a trustee of the working class youth activist organization RECLAIM and president of the New Economy Organizing Network (NEON). We have just learned that the local community group Protect Dunsfold has been denied permission to challenge Michael Gove`s decision to override Surrey council and lobby for a new drilling site.

A few minutes ago, the Supreme Court handed down its decision in the Abingdon case and we lost. This article showed that Matt Hancock had concluded the contract despite legal advice. New revelations about shortcomings in Met Partygate investigation Rebecca was a BBC journalist who worked for Newsnight, Crossing Continents and Law in Action. She was the channel`s producer in the Middle East, covering elections and democratic movements across the region. She then led UNICEF`s global communications on child protection in New York with frequent trips to East and North Africa, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe, with a focus on ending violence against women and children and eliminating large daycares. She was Global Witness, Director of Communications and founded a sustainable clothing company that provides jobs for marginalized women. She is passionate about accessibility and ensures that the law can be understood and used by all. Further links have been discovered between a politically connected company that won a multi-million pound contract during the Covid pandemic and a Conservative MP. SureScreen Diagnostics Ltd has been awarded a £503 million contract to provide lateral flow. Molly Russell`s family has finally received the answers they have been fighting for for five years after an inquest into her death. Molly, 14, died in November 2017 after seeing thousands of photos. Is the government planning to undermine the Covid investigation? As of September 2021, Good Law Project had sought judicial review in 14 cases and approved them in 11 cases.

We are recruiting: Communications Officer (Maternity Protection) Rachel joined the Good Law Project in October 2020 after 5 years in Parliament advising MP Harriet Harman, where she coordinated the successful campaign to end harsh sexual defense in domestic homicides and helped secure the first baby leave for MPs. Rachel has advised several national campaigns, including Reclaim These Streets and Generation Rent, and continues to fight for women`s rights in her role on the We Can`t Consent To This steering group. As Chief Communications Officer, Rachel is responsible for developing our media strategy, public affairs and messaging. A Conservative council has been accused of misusing half a billion pounds of taxpayers` money, of which £138 million is apparently no longer taken into account. Through a series of secret agreements involving public funds, Thurrock Council. The government has confirmed that it will not appeal the Supreme Court`s ruling that its net-zero emissions strategy is illegal. Good Law Project notifies Ofgem in court if it fails to comply with its legal obligations to protect vulnerable customers An activist by training, Vic has led campaign functions at both the National Union of Students and Save the Children UK.