CLEA is a non-profit organization that offers a free call for legal information as well as a lawyer reference line to which two lawyers respond. Whatever legal services you need, the Babb Law Firm team has the experience and knowledge to ensure your rights are protected and your needs are met. PLIAN also responds to email inquiries with Calgary Legal Guidance is a non-profit organization that provides free legal aid, program support, information, advocacy and representation to economically and socially vulnerable individuals who are not eligible for legal aid. Through their multidisciplinary approach of connecting clients with a team of specialized lawyers, social workers, lawyers and community services, they provide comprehensive, holistic and compassionate support. The organization offers legal counselling clinics and various programs (Homelessness Awareness Program, Benefits Advocacy Program, Family Law Program, Immigration Law Program, Seniors Law Program and Aboriginal Student Program). The CBA`s pro bono committee educates the profession about pro bono practices. If you are a lawyer, paralegal or law student who wants to get involved, this information will help you get started. In addition to contributing to the costs of legal aid in the provinces and territories, the Legal Aid Program provides secretariat support to the Permanent Working Group on Legal Aid (SWG) in the federal-provincial territory. The WMP is composed of representatives from the federal, provincial and territorial governments as well as representatives from each provincial and territorial legal aid authority and reports directly to the Deputy Ministers of Justice and Public Safety responsible for Justice and Public Safety. The PWG is a forum for the national exchange of information, research and joint development of policies and discussions on issues of common interest related to legal aid and for the negotiation of the federal contribution to legal aid.

There are many free legal advice services that are also available online, but we highly recommend that you take all online advice with a grain of salt. The law varies from state to state, and those who provide legal advice often have different opinions and may not even have the right to practice law. That being said, here are some of the most popular websites: Most areas of law are not covered by legal aid. These include, but are not limited to: civil suits (e.g. lawsuits against a person for a car accident), corporate and commercial law, contractual disputes and real estate disputes. The Yukon Public Legal Education Association (YWCA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing legal information to the public and promoting better access to the legal system. It helps the public identify and understand their legal rights and obligations in order to improve their ability to deal with legal issues. The YWCA is a one-stop shop for anyone requesting legal education and can refer people to other resources as needed. The YWCA provides legal information, including online resources, but does not visit court on behalf of individuals. CLASSIC offers pro bono legal services through two main programs, the Walk in Advocacy program, a student program supervised by CLASSIC staff lawyers, and the free legal clinic. Legal aid usually includes disputes such as divorce, separation, custody and contact. There are other areas of family law, such as child and spousal support, that they can cover.

However, you must meet the financial requirements. As in criminal matters, in family law matters, legal aid is left to the discretion of legal aid, whether it is covered or not. If you are at risk of losing your job, going to jail, or having any other special circumstances, legal aid can cover fines and traffic violations. Legal aid can also cover administrative matters such as labour and employment issues such as Employment Insurance complaints and complaints, social assistance complaints and other areas. This is at the discretion of Legal Aid, provided you meet the financial requirements. Clients in Labrador can also access the Legal Information Line and Lawyer Referral Service through our Labrador office at 709-896-5235 or If you meet the financial requirements, Legal Aid will decide whether you are insured and represented or not. It is at their discretion, and just because your case is an area they practice or have ever practiced does not mean that your case is covered At Babb Law Office, we provide a variety of legal services to a wide range of clients and business. Pro Bono Québec offers low-income litigants who are not eligible for legal aid and who are involved in matters of public interest or cases, in which permanent damage could be suffered, free legal representation.

Pro Bono Quebec has launched a program where a community organization works with a law firm that provides free legal services to its members/clients. They also provide free legal assistance to unrepresented litigants, regardless of income, in the following courts: PBLO also manages the Niagara – Non-Profit Charities Project to develop, implement and coordinate strategies to provide legal services and resources to nonprofit startups, nonprofits, and nonprofits. Contact us today and we`ll make sure you get the right legal advice you deserve while exceeding your needs. Call us today. After being informed that you will not receive legal aid, you can appeal the decision. You will receive a “Notice of Appeal” form with your rejection letter. You must complete the form and send it within 14 days to the address indicated on your claim form to file an objection. The ECLC relies on the support of Edmonton`s legal community, including the volunteer service of more than 200 pro bono lawyers and more than 50 law students per year. If you are charged with a summary offence (often less serious offences), Legal Aid will decide if your case will be covered if you meet the financial requirements.

This is based on various factors, such as whether you can be convicted, lose your job if you are convicted, etc. HRC is a non-profit, non-governmental, community-based organization funded by the Law Foundation of Nova Scotia and private donations. The clinic provides free legal and settlement services to refugee claimants in Nova Scotia who cannot afford their own private lawyer. In addition to providing in-house settlement services, the clinic relies on its list of pro bono volunteer legal advisors to help refugee claimants navigate the application process and provide legal representation before the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. ECLC offers free legal assistance to low-income individuals in the Edmonton area, including: Legal aid is available for individuals who meet financial requirements. This is assessed on a case-by-case basis. There are many factors that can determine if you are financially eligible. Legal aid verifies your income(s), your spouse`s income(s), living expenses (housing, food, utilities), transportation, debts and many other factors.