National Disability Rights Network – Find legal advice by state for people with disabilities. Upsolve – Find free legal help to declare bankruptcy. Keep in mind that Chapter 7 bankruptcy information remains on your credit file for 10 years. This can make it difficult to get loans, buy a home, get life insurance, or get a job. Learn more about bankruptcy and other options for dealing with debt. The American Immigration Lawyers Association has a “Find an Immigration Lawyer” page that can help you find an immigration lawyer. AILA`s Immigration Lawyer Referral Service does not provide legal advice. The service will only refer you to a lawyer who specializes in your geographic area in which you need it. On behalf of the Attorney-General, the Deputy Attorney-General in charge of the Legal Aid Service advises the President and all executive authorities. The Office prepares the legal opinions of the Attorney General and issues its own written and other advice in response to requests from the President`s Adviser, the various executive agencies and other parts of the Ministry of Justice. These requests generally involve particularly complex and important legal issues, or on which two or more organizations disagree. The Office is also responsible for reviewing and advising on the constitutionality of pending legislation.

Armed Forces Legal Assistance – Find nearby military facilities with legal aid offices. In addition to asking friends and family for the name of a good lawyer or checking the phone book, you can find legal help online. The legal aid service is not authorized to provide legal advice to individuals. The Office of Administrative Judges does not appoint representatives, does not refer parties to representatives, and does not provide legal assistance. 29 C.F.R. § 18.17. Therefore, if you want to use legal services, you must hire a lawyer or a non-lawyer representative yourself. Although it is not necessary to represent you by a lawyer to present your claim to the OALJ, it is recommended that you consult a lawyer because of the potential complexity of the legal issues that often arise in cases decided by the OALJ. Immigration Legal Services – Search your state for free legal service providers.

for persons in immigration procedures. – Find free legal aid programs in your community. Here you will find information about your legal rights by topic, e.g. housing, divorce, family allowances and debt collection. The Office of the General Counsel is solely responsible for using external law firms for special legal purposes. Staff, faculty and students may not employ outside counsel to represent the University or any of its affiliated institutions or to provide legal services. The decision to engage outside counsel rests solely with the Vice President of Legal Affairs and General Counsel. In addition to acting as external legal adviser to other executive bodies, the Office of the Legal Adviser plays a special role within the Ministry itself. It reviews all orders proposed by the Attorney General and regulations that require the approval of the Attorney General. It also performs various special duties assigned by the Attorney General or Deputy Attorney General. Legal Services Corporation (LSC) – Find legal help for low-income individuals and families.

Pension Entitlement Centre – Get free legal help if you have problems with your pension, profit-sharing or retirement savings. Seniors Care Locator – Enter your postal code to find local offices for legal and senior care organizations. Many law schools and nonprofit organizations have legal aid clinics that offer free or low-cost legal aid. Many of them have websites or pages on a law school website. However, most of these clinics focus on specific topics and may not have specific expertise regarding DOL judgments. Information about the law or tools to solve simple legal problems. Federally funded legal aid firms provide lawyers who are experts in helping low-income people with legal problems. The Office of the General Counsel does not provide personal legal advice or representation to UVM administrators, faculty, students or staff. The following resources may be helpful in this regard: Free pro bono legal aid – Find free or low-income legal aid. Individual lawyers (also called lawyers) are experts in various areas of law. Some lawyers specialize in a particular area of law, such as commercial, civil, criminal or juvenile law.

You need to determine what type of lawyer is right for your legal situation. Once you`ve found a lawyer, ask them about their experience, areas of expertise, and questions such as “How would you handle my case?” and “What do you charge for your services/what is your fee structure?” On this page you will find some ways to find a legal representative. This is not a complete list of available options. In addition, the suggestions and links on this page are for informational purposes only. The Ministry of Labour does not endorse or guarantee the performance of any particular organization, lawyer, lay representative or law firm. Legal Assistance for Veterans – Find free legal clinics and other resources from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. All implementing regulations and substantive proclamations to be issued by the President are reviewed as to form and legality by the Office of the Legal Counsel, as well as various other matters requiring the formal approval of the President. A good way to start a legal representation search is to ask trusted friends, relatives, or business partners if they know a reputable lawyer or representative.

You can also find a lawyer by checking a local phone book or your state`s bar association website. State attorney websites usually have resources for members of the public looking for a lawyer. Keep in mind that every legal case is different and not all lawyers are suitable for your specific legal problem. Many lawyers offer free initial consultations, but not always, so be sure to ask if you will be charged for consulting services. If you`re not familiar with working with a lawyer, the American Bar Association`s “Applying for Legal Help” page is a good resource. The Société des services juridiques (LSC) funds local legal aid services for people in financial difficulty and maintains a contact list on its website. • If Section 564 of the Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Act prohibits companies from requiring the use of a vaccine subject to an Emergency Use Authorization (July 6, 2021) • Using the HEROES Act of 2003 to cancel major student loan amounts (August 23, 2022). • Request from the Ways and Means Committee regarding the former President`s tax returns and related tax information pursuant to 26 U.S.C. § 6103(f)(1)(30). July 2021) • Constitutional Concerns of the Proposed Ordained Liquidation Authority (April 19, 2010) • Power of Individual Members of Congress to Exercise Oversight of the Executive Branch (May 1, 2017) The U.S. Department of Justice`s Executive Office of Immigration Review has a list of pages of pro bono legal service providers. Pro bono programs match low-income clients with pro bono lawyers who agree to take on their cases free of charge.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website contains the Find Legal Services page. • Temporary certification under the Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 of President John F. Kennedy (October 26, 2017) • Enforcement of the Crimes Act Equivalent to the Conduct of Federal Employees Authorized by Federal Law (August 12, 2022) • Licensing of marijuana cultivation under the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs (6. June 2018) • Department of Defense Response to Court of Appeals Interim Decision on Law Requiring Separation of Homosexual Military Personnel from the Military, 34 op. cit. O.L.C. 100 (2010) • Power of the OPM vis-à-vis the direct health insurer not to register a person deemed eligible by the Employment Agency, 34 op. cit. O.L.C.

51 (2010) • Immunity of the Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor to the President before Congress (July 12, 2019) • Review of whether the Wire Act applies to non-sports betting (November 2, 2018) • Military support for Customs and Border Protection along the southern border under the Posse Comitatus Act (January 19, 2021) • Payment for the removal of structures from the Treasure Civil Conservation Center Lake (February 22, 2019) • Inspector General of Intelligence Determines “Urgent Concern” (Sept.