Specially trained staff search for legal acts in the PCLI and ensure efficient service to visitors. This portal contains information on the activities of the Federal Service for the Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and the Media as the competent authority for the protection of the rights of data subjects. On the website rkn.gov.ru you will find information on other types of activities carried out by the Federal Service for Communication, Informatics and Media Surveillance. In some cases, the legislation of the PCLI can be explained by lawyers. Seminars on various industrial relations issues are also organized by the ILCP with the participation of relevant specialists. The PCLI are established to improve open access to all legal information, both paper and electronic, including via the Internet. In addition, the PCLI also organizes information and library events that contribute to the improvement of legal culture, studies the needs of users in the field of legal information, promotes the activities of the centers, prepares and sends newsletters of new laws, and also provides legal advice to the population with the support of the local committee of lawyers. Citizens can obtain the necessary legal information (texts of legal acts) in a PCLI at a minimum price or even free of charge. The sources of information provided by the centres may respond to various requests from interested persons. For this purpose, each PCLI receives an electronic copy of the standard database of legal information, the State Register of Legal Acts of the Republic of Belarus and other official publications of the National Legal Information Centre. In addition, most ILCs have installed the integrated database “Judicial Practice” and the database “Legislation of the Russian Federation”.

The Library`s reference and bibliography departments also contribute to meeting user requests by including a file of the laws of the Republic of Belarus, a factual database and an archive of satisfied requests. The possibility of obtaining legal information through the PCLI creates the conditions for guaranteeing the constitutional right of citizens to access official legal information, provides the population with official legal information at the regional and local levels, and increases the efficiency and relevance of the decisions taken to deal with the different areas of social life in the region on the basis of information to be regulated. The establishment of Public Legal Information Centres (PCLIs), which are an integral part of the State Legal Information System, on the premises of public libraries has further developed the dissemination of legal information and ensured access to it. Edict of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 712 of December 30, 2010 defines PCLI as “centers of free access of citizens to official legal information established by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus in collaboration with NCLI on the basis of public libraries to develop legal knowledge, law-abiding behavior and compliance with the law”. For the creation of the ILCP, existing public library structures were used as part of a centralized library system. These centres work with the information and information services and essential support of their regional library staff. As a rule, all specialists involved in the activities of the centres are trained as senior librarians. In accordance with the regulations, the main objectives of the PCLI are: In accordance with Article 114, Section 2 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the procedure for the activity of the Government of the Russian Federation is determined by the Federal Constitutional Law adopted on 30 December 2008. Executive power in the Russian Federation is exercised by the Government of the Russian Federation. The Government of the Russian Federation consists of the President of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Vice-Presidents of the Government of the Russian Federation and Federal Ministers.